To create or modify a template in Mercell Source-to-Contract, you must have the appropriate user rights. Your organization administrator can help you set this up.

Create and manage templates

Go to Organization settings at the bottom left of the screen. And then open Tender management. Here, you select 'Templates'.

You  see the available templates and you can edit them. You can also add new templates via Add. After saving a template, your colleagues can use the new template right away.

In this article, we explain the following templates:

Go to Messages 

Go to Supplier Invitations

Go to Schedule 

Go to Requirements 

Go to Rating Scales 

Go to Evaluation and Awarding


Click Messages to view and edit all message templates.

In the list of messages, click on the message you want to edit and update the text.

Supplier invitations

Click Supplier invitations to view and edit all templates.

In the list of messages, click on the message you want to edit and update the text.


Open the schedule you want to edit or create a new one.

Then there are several elements that you can adjust, like name and description.

Add event

Click Add Event and choose from three options: deadline for posing questions, opening vault, prize evaluation, or custom event.

You can set this in relation to an already added date or the start date of the tender.

Customize event

You can also adjust already added events in the schedule.

Add a round

In addition to events, you can also add full rounds. Think of a selection phase and offer phase. Click on the three dots next to Schedule and choose Add round.

Bulk Adjustments through Quick Edit

If the schedule is full of dates, you can also adjust these in bulk. Choose the three-dots next to Add event and select Quick Edit.

Then you can adjust multiple dates and times at once.


Click Requirements to view and edit all templates.

Choose the template you want to customize by clicking on it.

Via Edit and the pencil icons you can change the names and descriptions. Open a question group to modify specific sections. Choose Add to add question groups.

In a question group you can adjust questions individually, rewrite texts, or add new questions.

For example, choose the pencil icon next to a question to adjust the text, change a linked document or supplement it with other documents (via Upload). Confirm the edit with Save.

After you save your edit, the new template is live and available for everyone to use.

Rating scales

Click Rating Scales to view and edit all templates.

Here you can change existing rating scales or add new ones via Add. 

When preparing an rating scale, you specify a name, choose the type of scale and set the options with score and any explanation.

Evaluation and Awarding

Within Evaluation and Awarding you draw up standard documents that you share after the tender has been assessed. Open Evaluation and Awarding to view and edit the list of templates.

Open a template and you will see the text written for it.

Change the name or description at the top of the page. Choose Edit under Content to edit the text.

Customize content

You adjust the content of the document in the text editor. Here you write the text and set your formatting.


Within the text editor you can choose from various placeholders that automatically load data from the tender. This includes information about the tender, the evaluators and the results of the evaluation.