Via Mercell Source-to-Contract, you can inform the supplier(s) of the award decision by means of a digital letter. This is practical, because you can immediately load relevant information from the software into the letter.

Send award letter

  1. Click on Award in the left menu, and then Letters tab to open the appropriate screen.
  2. You can choose to load a different template for each supplier, but the most efficient way is to click on the yellow bar (Choose Templates). This allows you to determine at once which templates should be loaded for which supplier.
  3. Indicate which template should be used for which scenario and click OK. The templates will be loaded, this may take some time.
  4. On the left side you will see an overview of all suppliers. The green icon with the cup is used to mark the winner(s). Disqualified suppliers will get a stop sign icon. All letters are still in draft. When a letter is not to your liking, you can edit it by clicking on the three dot icon and then on Edit.
  5. You can check the letters in draft to see if they contain the correct information. When this has been done, click on Finish to move this letter to the next phase. You can collect your letters under Ready for sending. From here you can click Send to send this letter to the supplier(s).


  • For bulk actions (sending everything for example) you can click on the three dots icon. You will find it behind the statuses (Draft, Ready to send, Sent).
  • The supplier receives a notification of a sent award letter. He can view this letter in the software and create a pdf of it.
  • You can always revoke a sent letter. From that moment on, the supplier can no longer view the letter.