You will be notified every time that a new question is submitted by a supplier. This article explains how to answer the questions that come in to you as a buyer.

Answering Questions

Open the Solicitation and go to Question & Answer on the left. You will see four tabs here.

  1. New
  2. In Progress
  3. Ready
  4. Published

Answering questions and publishing

  • In the New tab you will find an overview of the newly asked questions. Hover over the question and you will see the option Answer appear. Click on it, a text area will appear. On the right you may click the three dots and assign the question to a colleague
    • Write your answer in the text area. You also have the possibility to add a document via the Upload button. You may also change the wording of the submitted question here. 
  • Click on Save Draft or Save as Ready. Your answer is now located in either the In Progress tab or Ready tab depending on what you designated it as. 
    • You may Save Draft if your answer is unfinished/needs editing or you may Save as Ready if your answer is ready to be published. 
  • If you want to publish all answers at once, click on the Publish button at the bottom right of the Ready tab.
  • To publish one question (or view the other options) you can click on the three dots icon to the right of the question. The following options will appear:
    • Details: Here you will find the name of the question asker and date of submission
    • Publish Answer: Here you may publish one answer at a time
    • Edit draft: Here you still have the possibility to edit your draft answer
    • Change reference: Here you may change the section that the question is referencing in your solicitation
    • Delete answer: This option deletes your entire answer. The question will return to the New tab.

Published questions

In the Published questions tab you will see an overview of the answers you have given and published. The most recent answer can be found at the top.

If you click the three dots to the right of the question you may see details such as who the questioner is and the date the question was asked. 

This is immediately visible to the supplier. Suppliers never see from whom they come.


When new questions come in, you will be notified immediately. If there are new questions within the hour, you will receive a new notification 1 hour after the first notification. This to prevent you from being overloaded with loose e-mails.