A number of settings can be made for each round.

  • Open the solicitation
  • Navigate to Round on the lefthand menu and select the gear icon
  • Click Change to change settings.

Setting Award method

You can choose from three different methods. This determines the ranking that the system will later determine.

  • Best value for money
    • Based on an award formula, a ranking is determined on the basis of price and quality. The explanation of the different formulas can also be found on our support page.
  • Lowest price
    • The quote with the lowest price ends at the top.
  • Highest quality
    • The quote with the highest quality ends at the top.

Vault & evaluation settings

With this setting you will see an overview of the following items:

  • Vault
    • Questionnaire and price in one vault: After opening the vault, the entire quotation becomes visible for you as lead buyer.
    • Separate price vault: After opening the vault, only the quality questionnaires will be available. After this evaluation has taken place, the price elements become visible.
  • Evaluation Order
    • Evaluate per question
    • Evaluate per quotation
  • Evaluation Team
    • Evaluation required from all evaluators
    • One evaluator is sufficient
  • Review comments mandatory
    • Make it mandatory to add comments to award motivation and consensus review.
  • Award motivation and consensus
    • Making it possible to write and share an award motivation in the award letters.
    • Being able to overwrite the assessment score with a consensus score
  • Anonymous rating
    • Anonymizing the names of offerors until the assessment is complete.

Award settings

Under this 'Verification' setting, if you set the option to 'yes' to the questions in your questionnaire, you can check the box to request the final documents during the award phase. 

Read more here about creating verification questions.


With this setting you will see an overview of the following items:

  • What is visible for suppliers?
  • What is visible for suppliers on the question level?

Select the boxes of the item(s) of which the provider is allowed to see the information.

After having applied all these settings click on Save.